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Natalie Wonder – Mommys Immoral Exposures

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Script —> hi I’ve seen your videos where step-mommy is really taboo and she fucks her boyfriend while her two young ones watch. Can you make another please. This will be POV from your partner/boyfriend. You excitedly jump onto the bed onto your boyfriend. You can clearly see the look of naughty excitement on your face. You passionately kiss your boyfriend saying how much you’ve been looking forward to tonight. Just the thought of tonight has been making you absolutely horny. Your two little ones are standing only a couple feet away from step-mommy and her boyfriend, Just as they have been instructed by step-mommy. Step-Mommy looks up at them saying don’t they want to be good little boys and girls, don’t you want to make step-mommy happy, etc. As the scene progresses you get more and more taboo in your dirty talk. You are a sweet yet fucked-up-in-the head-step-mommy who is into extreme taboo kink. She loves including her own in her sexual romps with her boyfriend (boyfriend loves it too by the way and please make that known throughout also).

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