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Natalie Wonder – Okay Baby You Can Stick It In

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We must of dozed off. I can’t remember the last time I napped with my boy. It felt so nice being cuddled up together here on the couch. We rested way too long though. I still have to make dinner. How about we order takeout? No no don’t tickle me haha ohhhh baby don’t fall off the couch! Get closer to me. Oh my…I felt something poke me. Now I remember you always wake up with a boner. Go to your room and take care of that. But…wait WHAT. No you can’t rub it up against me. Baby, we can’t do that stuff. Stop haha stop you’re really poking me with it! You’re being a bad boy stoppppp. I am your stepmother. You are my stepson. We cannot play like this. You won’t let up, will you. Fine JUST with my hand. Take it out. I’ll give your penis a…um a massage. It’s just one of the things stepmothers have to do for their boys sometimes. Ooooo it’s a nice one. Hadn’t seen it in a while. Ok don’t moan so loud. Just um…cum quick. It’s not like that between us. What am I doing? I can’t jerk you off. It’s not right. I don’t want to admit it but weird things are happening to my body. Stick it IN?! Omg baby you don’t stop. I can’t…we can’t…it’s not…ugh what am I saying. I’m so aroused by YOU. By my own stepson. Nobody will know. We’re both horny. We’ll still love each other when this is over. What’s the harm. Okay…you can stick it in…

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