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Olivia Rose – Mother Cucker

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Why hello lover. I can’t wait to go on this date tonight. I think we are going to have so much fun. I know we haven’t been dating for too long now, but I want to introduce you to this concept that is part of My lifestyle. You see, I may look like that pretty MILF you have always wanted to date, the one that is overly sexual, the one who wants to tantalise and tease, the one who wants to get fucked all the time, and it’s true. But you see there is always one initiation you have to go through before you are deemed fit for the job. I want to make sure you’ll do anything for Me. Absolutely anything I ask, and absolutely anything My dirty little mind thinks of. You’re not the first one that has been initiated like this, and you’re not the first who has had to do things you necessarily didn’t want to do, but I think you have it in you. You’re probably wondering what I could really want, huh? Well, I am definitely going to invite another man into the bedroom. A man I have known forever, a man who loves Me. I bet You’re really wondering who this mystery man is, aren’t you? It’s My son. I have invited him to dinner with us. He needs to make sure you’re fit to date mommy, to make sure you’ll do anything My dirty little heart desires. I bet you’re going to do it too, because you really do love Me

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