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Praise Priyanka – Deflowering The Virgin Loser

Duration: 11:36s;
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You’re diligently doing your assignment, as well as finishing up Priyanka’s homework. She’s known you for years, and you’ve been good friends for years, all through university. Priyanka was even nice enough to help you set up with your current girlfriend. You’re still shy and a nervous wreck around women, but with Priyanka it’s different. Maybe because she doesn’t see you as a man! She asks how your date with your new girlfriend went and if you’ve had sex with her yet. You sheepishly admit you’re too shy, and Priyanka laughs, teasing you and calling you a virgin. But she’s smart, and quickly realizes that you are, in fact, a VIRGIN! At your age, it’s just unacceptable. Priyanka says she’ll teach you the ways around a woman’s body and help you reach manhood. But it’s not so easy. She’s just so hot, and you cum so fast…do you think you have what it takes?

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