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Princess Camryn – Only Edging

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You don’t want to orgasm, you only want to edge. The real pleasure happens in the gooning stage. Even the most powerful orgasm pales in comparison to the pleasure you feel while edging. Not only do you feel the physical pleasure, but the pleasure you feel when you’re at your weakest and most submissive is what you crave. The longer you edge, the easier it becomes to tap into this submissive state even without stroking. Orgasms give you amnesia in that silly little brain of yours, you forget all about the submission that created that climax.They call it “post nut clarity” but it is anything but clarity, it’s denial – willful ignorance for the sake of “survival”. So avoid this headache altogether and simply never cum again. Simple. You only want to serve and be My slave forever. You don’t want to cum, you want to submit.

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