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Princess Miki – Moan With Me

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For those who are drawn to the warm, extremely sensual side of my dominance, this clip is for you. This goon clip is void of the pageantry and hyper stimulating visuals you might associate with the others. The image of my soft, delicate curves draped over the couch — accompanied by my sensuous moans — should be stimulating enough to encourage you to goon for me. The purpose of gooning is to allow yourself to let go… completely. Letting go is exactly what you’ll do for me. You will allow yourself to vocalize your obsession, as you moan along with me, uttering my name out loud as you feel your thoughts going blissfully numb. Your mental restraints will loosen while your cock grows stiffer in your hand. Just follow my lead, and I’ll take you to goonspace, to subspace… to wherever I decide you’ll go, All I can promise is that the ride will be… moan-worthy.

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