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Princess Miki – Verbal Humiliation Being Pumped Into Your Brain Is Your Sex Life

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When is the last time that you got off to something that wasn’t humiliation porn, that wasn’t another clip? Can you even remember? I’ll bet you can’t. This is all you know now, this transformed your life. It opened your eyes to what can be achieved, as in you can actually sexualize how pathetic you are. You can actually get off to it. You can edge your cock for hours and hours and experience euphoria while having these words of verbal humiliation being pumped into your brain. It’s all you know now and that itself turns you on. You saw the title and you knew you had to have this clip. You love getting off to your self destruction, the spiral downwards. Nothing else does it for you anymore. You don’t want to see me have sex or finger myself because it wouldn’t really feel real, right? Why would I put on a show for you? I mean a real woman in real life wouldn’t show you her pussy, so it just wouldn’t feel realistic. But when I’m looking into your eyes and reminding you of what you are while you jerk with that stupid look on your face, gooning your brains out. That feels real, that feels like sex. It feels so real when you can jerk off to the truth. Now suddenly you have a sex life with a girl like me and that’s so hot, isn’t it? I’m sure you probably dreamed of a sex life with a girl like me before you came to terms with the fact that you’re sexless loser. And know that you know sex with a girl like me isn’t possible, this is the next best thing. You wouldn’t even give it up for a real sex life because you know that this is what you deserve. You deserve to be a lonely hand humping idiot who gets off to his own self destruction. And the more real the words are, the deeper you go in this pleasure, this erotic trance. You want to go deeper because it feels so fucking good. I wonder how many clips you have in your verbal humiliation porn library? You don’t even want to think about it, or do you? Because it’s kinda hot thinking about that stack of clips from all those nights binging. It’s a perfect illustration of how far you’ve fallen, how many hours you’ve blown, how many dollars you’ve spent. It just tells you how stupid you are. Jerk it faster to all those hours that have disappeared, all that money that you’ve blown. But what do you need that money for anyway? You don’t go on dates, you don’t have a social life, you have no interests. You don’t want to waste your money on anything that doesn’t feel this good. You gave up on trying to date and have a real sex life and I don’t think you should regret it. You shouldn’t regret it because this is what you deserve. If you’re the kind of lonely loser that’s humping his hand to this, to his own sad self destruction than you deserve this. You deserve to be locked away from society away from friends and **** and potential relationships. You need humiliation porn, you need to be put in your place just so you can get off. Just so you can feel so good from masturbating because nothing else does it for you anymore. Because this is real. This is you masturbating to the truth. And that’s why it feels like sex. You can’t stop worshiping and jerking to the body of a woman that hates you. You really are pathetic. But my words of truth are more important to you than my body. Because you’re a special kind of porn addict, a special kind of jerk off addict. You’re the hopeless kind. You’re an addict and I intend on keeping you this way. And I know you’re doing nothing to fight it because you don’t want to. This is your sex life and you’re doomed to this life forever.

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