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Princess Violette – Bye Bye Brains

Duration: 11:15s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

“Camera focused tight on you’re eyes and mouth. Its framed so the top of you’re head is cut off as you lean in really close with big piercing eyes. Glazed lips. Pieces of you’re hair hanging down. This is a total mind fuck. its framed close up and serious. No laughing or smiling. You are intense and Mesmerized. The improved dialog is slow and spaced out so we can hear you breath. There is a small echo. ” Look in my eyes. Go deeper. Deeper. Let go. Just let go. Shhhh. You are brainless. You don’t have a brain anymore. Say bye bye to you’re brains. Stupid. You’re so stupid.. For me. That’s right. Look into my eyes…you’re going dumb… dumber….dumber…dumber. What you have is mashed potatoes for brains. You’ve got mushy brains. Mushy brains…..Mushy brains….and a throbbing cock….cause of me. Cause you want me…. Look deep into my eyes…. and GOON.. Goon for me. You stupid Goon. You’re just a Gooner now….for me. Stoke you’re cock and goon. That’s right dumb dumb. Make you’re cock big. Make it really big. Look into my eyes. Don’t think. Just make it bigger. Bigger. Harder. Look into my eyes. I own you. You’re mine. Submit. I want you to make a puddle for me. You are gonna make a puddle. Look into my eyes and stroke. Get yourself off to it. Splouge to how stupid I make you. Look into my eyes and make a puddle….make a puddle….make a puddle you fucking brainless beta boy. Make a puddle beta boy!”

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