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Princess Violette – Cum On Demand

Duration: 16:55s;
Quality: 1280x720 HD;

You don’t think anymore. Your cock dictates your life and I control your cock; therefor, I control you. I’m going to train your cock to cum on demand. Through being my bitch your cock will no longer be the same. You won’t be able to get aroused by normal sex anymore. Your cock will only respond to Princess Violette. Your cock will always be horny and throbbing for me. You will always be on edge never knowing what I have planned next. You’re so excited for this lol I don’t think you’ve ever added a clip faster to your cart. You will cum several times at my demand. Your cock will be programmed to be so sensitive and so easily triggered by my control and lethal teasing. Red is a very dominant gorgeous color and I’m wearing it for specific reasons. This clip will drive you crazy *warning*

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