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Princess Violette – Total Orgasm Control

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Worshipping my beauty, following my instructions, being under my complete control. I’m gonna make your cock so addicted to me so that I completely control it and own you forever. Up down up down up down up down up down. You’ll be shaking and trembling while watching this like the pathetic slave that you are. I’m gonna control your orgasm today and every orgasm from now on. A helpless weak slave frenzy is where you’ll be every moment – you’ll feel yourself throb when I tell you to. Your cock will be so sensitive as I make you pray to me and convert you into a helpless jerk addicted slave beneath me. With every stroke you’ll lose more and more control… you can’t handle how fucking beautiful and mesmerizing I am. By the end of this clip when I command you to cum you’ll cum in a way that will change your cock. You will empty out any little bit of dignity & control you had left. With this orgasm you will surrender all other orgasms to me. You won’t be able to do anything without my instructions. I have complete control over your body, your cock, your orgasms. Your cock responds anyway I tell it to. The power is all left in my pretty hands.

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