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PsilocybinSkye – Pov Ass Worship JOI

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This is my FIRST JOI! You love looking at my ass so much, I mean seriously. I come home after a workout and you instantly ask me specifically, if I worked out my ass, ugh! All these comments you make about my ass drive me insane! It feels like you comment on it ALL THE TIME! I know it’s cute perky and round but do you have to comment on it all the time? I mean seriously! Ugh I guess, since you like it so much you might as well worship my ass by stroking your dick to it, right? Get down on the floor so I can really see how much you like my ass. I want you to cum from watching my ass bounce and shake all over your face. The better you stroke the more I take off and show off my pretty holes to you. Once you stroke hard enough for me to take off my leggings and thong I want you to cum for me while I count down from 10 while I’m staring down at you, playing with my ass and watching you worship it with your dick. Hi Skye here, I thought this info would be helpful so here you go! I start the POV ass worship angle at 1

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