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PsilocybinSkye – Space Kitty Apprehended by Monster

Duration: 19:53s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

Oh no! Space kitten was apprehended by a space monster! Whatever will she do?! Watch her as she travels through the monster’s lair, going through the different atmospheres (don’t worry she’s a space cat, she can breathe throughout the galaxy). Until she stumbles upon a small vague note alluding to what she might have to do if she ever wants to go home. Opening the next door she sees the biggest cock she has ever seen! Gazing upon it, not even noticing the huge monster it’s attached to. She gets startled quickly when she makes eye contact with the space monster. Walking into the room confused as to how she ended up in this situation, she asks nervously ‘did you do this to me?’ When his reply is a yes and he confirms what she assumed in the note she trys to think of a way out. She thinks maybe she could trick him into taking her handcuff of her so she could make a swift space cat escape, but unfortunately for space cat, the monster said no. The monster knew of space cat’s trickery and schemes with her plan and wouldn’t allow it. Finally space cat agrees to the deal, but on the terms that she can go home if she makes the space monster cum. She starts sucking the monsters massive cock, nervously though since she’s never fucked something SO BIG before. Then she fucks the monster on top in reverse so he can watch her ass bounce as she trys to get down on it. Finally the monster tells her to turn around and squat on his dick so he can fill her up with all his cum. Space cat is just playing in a sloppy mess of cum now and just HAS to suck it off the monsters cock. Hopefully space cat made it home after. What will she get herself into next!

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