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Rainbowslut – Broke Schoolgirl Pays With Sex

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Life ain’t easy for a poor girl in a small town. But someone told me once that knowledge is power. I knew deep down inside me that learning was the way to success. The problem was that learning was expensive and my parents were broke. But I wasn’t gonna let that stop me. I was really struggling in math class this year and just couldn’t afford to fail. I knew this tutor from down the street who was kinda hot and nerdy. He charged students quite a lot of money for his lessons but I knew I could get him to teach me for free by asking him if I could suck his cock in exchange. Like, what kinda guy would say no to that? And sure enough I was right, but it got a little out of hand to say the least. Once I started sucking his dick I got so horny my pussy started throbbing and gushing. I couldn’t resist bouncing all over his big cock. I just needed to have every inch of his penis inside me. I gotta say he fucked me really good. He made me cum so hard I think I forgot everything he taught me. I guess i’ll have to go back next week again.

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