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Rainbowslut – Catching Stepsis at the Right Moment

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Ever since my dad left years ago my mom’s been mostly single. Every now and then she meets someone but it never really works out. So, eventually my mom meets this new guy and I guess you could say she really likes him cuz she let’s him move into the house right away. At first I was pretty annoyed about it, and to be honest I was kind of treating him like an asshole. But then a miracle happened. He told me his 19 year old daughter moved back and will be moving into the room next to mine. I was intrigued but didn’t want to get my hopes up until I met her. I figured she probably wouldn’t be my type and would make my life a living hell. But boy was I wrong! When I was introduced to her my jaw hit the floor, I was stunned, she was a super hot blonde with blue eyes! A real stunner! I knew right away at that moment that I needed to have my cock in her mouth. The question was how? She was way out of my league and it wasn’t going to be easy. A girl like that can have any man she wants. But then I remembered the old saying that “timing is everything”. I knew one day she would be horny and If I could catch her masturbating at the right moment she would want to suck my cock. So I waited, patiently, and then to my surprise our parents got married and she became my stepsister. I figured I’d have to stop fantasizing about her now that we are technically family. But then suddenly that day I had dreamt for, fantasized endlessly about, that perfect moment, it came! She was horny and I knew it! And it didn’t matter how wrong it was, because every inch of my cock knew it was right and besides, she loved every moment of it!

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