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Raquel Roper – Smoked Filled Ruins Ft Miss Roper

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My husband hates smoke, nearly as much as he hates when his orgasm is ruined at my hands and in between my fingers. & being the natural sadist that I am, of course I’ve come up with the brilliant idea to combine the two together. I’ve decided to toy with him, tieing his hands behind his back but leaving his legs free so that I can slide between them and light my cigarette. His cock twitches in frustration, as well as fright as my embers are so close to his cock and balls as I take deep drags; blowing the smoke towards his shaft. I find it amusing, to french inhale and blow smoke rings at his tip, showing off my tricks as I twist is cock in my palms. I find it almost as amusing, as when he’s just about to reach his peak and release, that my hands grip towards his balls restricting the full flow and leaving his disapointment to run down my hands and shaft. At least what cum did leave his tip, can be used to put out my cigarette. Useful, for something I suppose…

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