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Raquel Roper – Youll Never Feel Complete

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Well, what do we have here? A nice, big cock; that’s so hard for me. Throbbing. Aching. I feel all the tension in your shaft building up as I slide my fingers back and forth with ease. You’re so desperate and eager to cum aren’t you? All the Red Life Juice rushing straight to your tip. However, an orgasm, full release; isn’t what I have in mind for you in the least. I bet you think with that thick cock you deserve it, all the pleasure in the world… that’s cute. You’re not entitled to pleasure, you’re still a man, and all men are play toys to me. To tease. To deny. I think you’re too spoiled, I bet with this cock most women give you whatever you desire. Letting you cum whenever, wherever. That’s a shame, that means they aren’t aware yet of the true power they can have over you. By stripping you of ego, building you up just to break you down; making you incomplete.

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