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Samantha Lexi – SPH for my Study Buddy

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We have a group project due tomorrow, but it’s too complicated to do over zoom so I convince you to come over to my place. We get started right away so I bring out my laptop. I’m instantly embarrassed because I forgot to close out my last window! A picture of a big black cock! I try to close it hoping you didn’t see, but it’s too late. You won’t let it go and insist I explain. I tell you that it’s a photo from a site that I’m subscribed to that provides galleries of dick pics and gifs. I go through the slides on the website showing side by side photos of BBC compared to little white dicks. I explain to you how fascinated I am with BBC and ball sacks, especially compared to small white dicks and ball sacks. You seem a little put off and try to debate that there have been girls that have been pleasured by your size, but I just know that I’m right so I convince you to let me see yours. I can’t help but laugh and tell you the truth about your little white dick! We have so much work to do on our project, but I feel bad so I quickly demonstrate your reality by cucking and humiliating you while I pleasure myself with my favorite BBC dildo. See how hard this BBC made me cum? There is just no way that your little white dick has ever gotten the same reaction. Now do you understand why I love BBC so much? Good. Now let’s get back to working on our project.

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