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sloansmoans – Keeping it in the Family

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Your wife kicked you out of the house even though she knew exactly where you would run to… to ME, your mother. She knows that you come and fuck me regularly and she knows that I have complete control over you, and your little, premature-ejaculating dick. It’s clear that she’ll never understand the connection we have. She’s jealous that only I know how to fuck you, that you need me, that you spill so much cum into me and I only allow you to fuck her with a condom on… that is, unless it’s break-up sex or make-up sex. Of course you were a good boy and fucked your tedious wife before coming home to mommy… but that still doesn’t change the fact that your small, sweet dick is hard for me. I ask you about the reasons why she kicked you out in the first place and you prematurely cum into my hands, as usual. Mommy loves your excitement. You tell me why your wife is upset and I tell you that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. It’s perfectly natural and normal to… keep it in the family.

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