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SSBBW Xutjja – Fed Dozen Donuts Fingered and Fucked

Duration: 25:32s;
Quality: 854x480;

I hear the sound of the TV turning on in the master bedroom. Exhausted from a long day at work Max wants to have a quiet night at home. We’ll see about that! Slowly I walk into the bedroom seductively swaying my expansive hips. I’m carrying a dozen donuts filled to bursting with creamy custard and sickly sweet strawberry jam. As your eyes scan over me in I can see a bulge forming in your pants. It would seem that suddenly have your full attention. You untie the bow on my robe like a babe opening a Christmas present. The way you grab my fat makes me moan in pleasure. I love that you make me beg to be fed like the greedy gluttonous sow that I am. The moist center makes the donuts easy to eat. I quickly devour six of them in a matter of minutes. Any normal woman would be painfully full but I want even more. No, I don’t just want more I need more! I need to be filled till I’m painfully full, bloated, and breathless. Please Daddy I need you to treat me like the insatiable pig slut that I am; use me, ruin me, I’m utterly yours. Feed me the whole dozen donuts and make me even fatter!

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