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Sydney Harwin – Mr Postman

Duration: 10:29s;
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Today is her birthday and you are her postman, delivering her presents. She is excited to see you and tells you to put the presents down on the table. You wish her happy birthday as she shows off her pretty dress. She tells you that she knows you like to look through the window at her getting changed, getting out of the shower and dancing with her friends. You try to deny it, but she is quick to make you admit it. You have been perving over this girl for months and she asks if you have a present for her? You haven’t bought her anything, BUT you do have something for her, but first you need to know her mom and dad won’t disturb you. Luckily she is home alone for a short while and all sorts of situations rush in to your mind. She blurts out that she will have a tantrum if you don’t give her a present right now, so you calm her down and unzip your trousers, revealing your hard cock. Wow… her eyes grow wide and she asks to play with it. You let her touch it and stroke it and tug on it, until it swells bigger and finally, you cum all over her. You are the BEST postman EVER!

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