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Tsarina Baltic – Withdrawal Delusion

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It truly makes me laugh how you try to cling on some sanity knowing fully well that quitting me is impossible. Rebeling against your own needs,as if they aren’t your OWN desires, your very OWN fibers, your very OWN addictions, you can only hide for so long before you crawl back, hungry for more. I’ve proved time and time again, I’m not easy to quit, you can pause, but it keeps going, you’re a loser, a desperate weak little addict. And the delusion to rebel, to resist, it frankly makes you more pathetic. It’s high time to knock it out of your mind that you have a choice to resist to begin with, some harsheties from me will you do some good. Remind you of how it ACTUALLY is. And due to the fact that you’re brimming with hope for salvation from this addiction to me, I have to remind you this delusional state you’re in, it just seems absolutely fair that you’ll pay extra just to view it, being an arrogant loser, comes at a price, so of course you’ll pay by getting your ego fucked a little and financially, it’s just fair, for me, I wouldn’t consider putting you into the equation at all…

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