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Worship Amber – Extreme Ignoring

Duration: 15:3s;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

You asked if you could visit me and worship my feet or get kicked in the balls…but I said you need to show me that you are lower than that! You can only come over if you show me that you are the “LOWEST of the LOW”. That means you must agree to fly all the way here and pay me $5000 without saying a word than just sit there while ignore you for 10 minutes. After that I am kicking you out and sending you back to where ever you came from completely used and rejected. You are such a hard core humiliation junkie that only this utter disrespect can turn you on. You need to know that this equals the biggest “fuck you” that a girl can dish out! Haha! (For those of you buying this clip, you are only getting a silent video of me on my phone showing you my legs and ass… so Fuck You too! And thanks for your money, Muah!)

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