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Young Goddess Kim – Smother Assassin

Duration: 12:14;
Quality: 1920x1080 HD;

My red hot shiny ass in these skintight leggings is taking no mercy on you smother toys today! It’s your first time and I’ve made you kneel and watch as I use and abuse My pathetic male cushion. I slap its face and allow it one last deep breath before I tightly cover its face. It’s an honour to suffer under Me. I make you beg as I continue taking the slaves breath away. Beg to be in its place. Once I’ve had My fun with it, I tightly grip it beneath My ass and between My thighs, making sure it can’t breathe at all until I feel the last few shudders beneath Me rendering it completely still and lifeless. I kick the broken toy off My bed and beckon you over. It’s your turn to taste My sweet smothering torment!

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